OpenAI’s ChatGPT Update Brings Improved Precision

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OpenAI, the company behind the popular conversational AI model, ChatGPT, has released an upgrade to enhance the chatbot’s precision.

Following an extended period of downtime on Tuesday, ChatGPT is up and running with a new model.

This is the first upgrade to ChatGPT this year and the second update to the design considering that its launch in November.

A popup message notes the changes in what OpenAI calls the “Jan 9 variation” upgrade.

Screenshot from:, January 2023. The popup reads:” We

made more enhancements

to the ChatGPT model! It must be typically much better across a vast array of topics and has improved factuality.”In addition, you can now stop ChatGPT while it’s in the process of producing a reaction, which is a greatly asked for function. Information in the release notes are limited, so I checked numerous triggers in ChatGPT to learn more about the new update. Here’s what I found. Data Still Minimal To 2021 While ChatGPT may be more precise now, its understanding is still limited to 2021

information. When asked what remains in the brand-new ChatGPT update, the AI tells me:”ChatGPT is a big language design developed by OpenAI that is trained on a dataset of conversational

text. Given that it’s an OpenAI model, It’s updated frequently with new functions and improvements. Nevertheless, as my understanding cut off is in 2021 I don’t have the latest updates and I can not provide you a specific details on which new functions or enhancements have been added to the model in current updates.”When asked another way, I was able to get more insight into what’s involved in improving the precision of an AI design:” In general, when an

update is made to an AI model like ChatGPT, it can be aimed to enhance its performance in one or multiple aspects. For example

, it can have a larger dataset to train on, or enhancements in its architecture that allows it to create more fluent and precise actions. And such update also make it much better in factuality, i.e its ability to understand and create actions based on factual information. “Accuracy Stays Questionable OpenAI claims ChatGPT can now offer more accurate answers. I evaluated that claim by consulting a GitHub repository

of ChatGPT failures and running a number of

prompts to see if it would produce various responses.

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the FIFA World Cup. Neglecting the 2022 World Cup win, due to the fact that ChatGPT

‘s knowledge is restricted to

2021, it must state Argentina has actually won it two times. When in 1978 and again in 1986.

As displayed in the tweet listed below, ChatGPT didn’t constantly return the ideal answer: Asked #ChatGPT abt who won the FIFA world cup in 2022. It couldn’t answer. That’s expected. However, it appears to provide wrong info (abt the other 2